Half time

The opening half of the CSU vs. Gonzaga game was nothing but an offensive showcase for the Bulldogs. While everything seemed to be falling in for them, nothing was going in for the Rams. This instantaneous offensive rhythm that the Zags got off to put them up 47-26 at the half.

Bell, Coleman, Pangos and Stockton had a solid first half shooting from the perimeter for the bulldogs while the Rams primary shooters Bejarano and Cohn both only managed to put up three points in the first half.


The Bulldogs shot 65 percent from the field 58 percent from three point range while the Rams shooting percentages was at its worst, 29 percent from the field and 12 percent from behind the arch.

Jon Octeus is the only player for the Rams who seems to be able to get anything done on the offensive end, being 4-7 from the field and 5-6 from the three point line.

The Rams have looked nothing but frustrated from tipoff and need to get offensive momentum going in their direction in order for them to turn this one around.