VIDEO: Fermentation Science & Technology develops as a new major

It’s the first semester of the Fermentation Science and Technology undergraduate degree on the Colorado State University campus.


Professors are teaching a wide range of skills to their students, focusing on the science and safety of food preservation.

Since the major is brand new, the curriculum is still in the development stages within the Food Science and Human Nutrition department.

“It fits definitely with our land-grant mission, as far as meeting research and teaching and then outreach and extension,” Jeff Callaway, a FSHN Doctoral student, said.

It’s geared toward students interested in pursuing careers in the food and beverage industries.

“Paying attention to the whole ‘from the field to the foam’ concept so it’s the agriculture, it’s the raw products through to the actual fermentation which they would do there but then also the business side of it,” Callaway said.

The FST program is expanding in the Gifford building and in the Lory Student Center next to the Ramskeller, in the process of renovation, to include both educational and commercial production.