VIDEO: Undead creatures crawl to the 2013 Old Town Zombie Fest

Zombies of all ages gathered in Old Town, Fort Collins on Saturday, October 19 to have some undead fun at the Old Town Zombie Fest. All of the proceeds from the event went to Turning Point to help support programs for family therapy and struggling teenagers.


Turning Point started this zombie crawl three years ago in an effort to raise money for their programs. Each year the event has sold out, which is something Turning Point didn’t expect.

To adjust to the high demand of people interested in attending, the crawl stop has increased from 26 stops the first year to 56 this year. Old Town business owners were happy to participate to bring people into their stores.

Pass holders could choose five free items of their choice from the 56 stops. Options ranged from zombie shots, to beer, to clothing, to appetizers and more. Turning Point plans on keeping the festival alive (or undead) for many years to come.