FLASH: No injuries reported in four car collision on Laurel Street

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Photos by Natasha Leadem

A four car collision has caused police to block off the east left-hand-turn lane at the intersection of Laurel Street and Loomis Avenue.

The accident was triggered when freshman sports medicine major Maggie Leonard collided with the rear end of a silver Honda Civic. The collision caused a chain reaction sending the proceeding two cars into the vehicles in front.  Leonard’s car airbag deployed and had to be towed from the scene.

The Honda sustained severe front end damage, however the two SUVs in front appeared to have minimal damage.

Leonard was traveling east on Laurel Street when the collision occurred. The student walked away from the accident without injury.

“I was probably going faster than I should have been,” Leonard said. “I blacked out when it happened.”

This is Leonard’s first accident behind the wheel.

During a police investigation of the incident, one officer was called off to the side to deal with another accident. Fifteen year resident Ryan Miller was driving by the scene when he collided with the car in front of him.

According to Miller, he was looking over when it happened and he was traveling just over five miles-per-hour. The two cars sustained minimal damage.

Brandon Bernandus, a freshman journalism major who walked by the scene, said it appeared minimal.


“In my country car accidents are much worse,” said the international student from Indonesia. “There is a lot of traffic there and these kinds of things are common.”

The CSU Police Department refused to comment on the accident, citing protocol.