CSU Homecoming 2013: Brunch at Hillel

As parents flock to visit their children for homecoming, the Hillel Center prepares for their brunch on Saturday morning.

The Hillel Center provides opportunities for students to practice the Jewish faith and connect with other Jewish members of the Fort Collins Community.


Hillel aims to be a foundation for Jewish campus life and are on about 500 campuses worldwide, according to Carmody Leerssen Smith, campus director of the Hillel Center.

Since parents are visiting this weekend for homecoming, Hillel will host a brunch Saturday to welcome the parents of their members.

”We encourage parents, families, and alumni that are Jewish, particularly who have a connection with Hillel, to come by our Hillel house which is at 720 W. Laurel, to have food together, tour the house and meet other students and other Jewish families,” Smith said.

Aside from the free spread available, the goal of the event is to show parents what the members are doing at Hillel, according to Hugo Palma, student president of the Hillel Center.

Activities throughout the year consist of movie nights, weekly Friday services to celebrate Shabbat, dinners and a pumpkin carving event.

According to Smith, the goal is to connect social experiences with the Jewish culture.

“I look forward to the brunch every year because I think it’s really cool to talk to parents and Jewish members of the community and see how they view Hillel,” said Amanda Ansell, vice president of the Hillel Center.

For the brunch on Saturday, Hillel is expecting between 20-30 families.

“Last year was a little smaller because the weather was pretty bad, so I’m hoping for a bigger turnout this year,” Smith said.

Regardless of the turn out, Hillel is a home away from home for many of its members, according to Ansell.


“In Hillel, everyone is really open and welcoming. We’re all really close, it’s like another family, another support system on campus,” Ansell said.

Collegian Senior Reporter Lawrence Lam can be reached at news@collegian.com.