CSU Homecoming 2013: 50 years ago on campus…

Back in the day, Homecoming weekend kicked off Friday night with a pep assembly with the cheerleaders, pepperettes and a pep band featuring a Frosh-Sophomore Beauty Contest.

Homecoming Queen was crowned on the steps of the Administration building and then led the Torch Light Parade, which would one day become the Homecoming parade.


On Saturday, the football stadium was filled with “colorful co-eds wearing the traditional gold chrysanthemums trimmed with green As,” as quoted from the 1963 Silver Spruce yearbook.

“Nostalgia filled the air as the couples danced for the last Homecoming dance to be held in the Old Student Union ballrooms,” according to the 1963 Silver Spruce.

Alums, students and faculty alike danced to the music of Will Bach and the Scotsmen Four.

This Friday is the 79th annual 50-year club luncheon, where alumni from 50 years or more will be in attendance. This year, the class of 1963 will be inducted into the club. Some alum will be as old as 92 years old coming for their 70-year reunion.

“It’s very important and a great way for folks to reconnect with one another,” said Beth Etter, director of communications for the CSU Alumni Association.

All the students would carry torches across campus, along with a crowning ceremony for the homecoming queen. Following that, students would light the “A” and sit around the bonfire, traditions which are carried on today.

Although CSU no longer holds beauty contests or light torches around campus, Rams still come out to show their pride.

Collegian Diversity Beat Reporter Hannah Hemperly can be reached at news@collegian.com.