Tony Frank’s address solid way to kick off year

Cheers and whoops could be heard all around the historical oval yesterday as Tony Frank was introduced for his 14th annual Fall Address.

Frank’s speech was accompanied by food, live music and a performance by CSU’s marching band. The address touched on a variety of topics, including educational funding.


“As legislators and tax payers struggle to make funding choices … we have a responsibility to ask ourselves: where are the weaknesses in our foundation?” Frank said.

Frank discussed graduation rates, and announced that he expects this year’s freshman retention rate to be the highest he has ever seen.

The president also mentioned that last year CSU was ranked No. 2 in the nation for international student satisfaction with educational experience.

Finally, Frank announced the launch of an initiative called The Ripple Effect, which is a website for women working at CSU.

Mayor Karen Weitkunat attended the address and was supportive of Frank’s words.

“I love listening to Tony talk … about historical connection(s); it draws everybody together across the nation,” Weitkunat said. “The university isn’t an island, it’s part of a community; this is about communication.”

ASCSU president Nigel Daniels commented on what Frank’s speech meant for their relationship with CSU.

“Student leadership and the administration are excited to work together for a brighter future,” Daniels said.

Students who attended the address reacted positively as well.

“It was a really solid way to kick off the year,” junior Becky Peters said. “(It was) uplifting (and) energizing.”


“He addressed the needs of the university as a whole,” freshman Clarissa Davies said.

Staff members of the event were also pleased.

“It was a great speech; I found it inspirational,” staff member Seth Johnson said.

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