Theta Chi Rush Week

Darting stares are exchanged after peeking at your cards. The Colorado sun beats as the burgers sizzle. The sensation of damp clothing clings to the skin after a rough tackle on the wet turf. Brotherly bonds are formed.

Wednesday, Theta Chi commenced its rush week with a meet and greet, followed by a poker night on Thursday, basketball and football Friday, and tailgating on Saturday to attract and connect with new members.


“Often times when people come to universities they’re one way, they’ll change a week later, a month later, or over the course of their entire life at the university,” said Will Maher, recruitment officer for Theta Chi. “We use these four days to get to know them and make sure that relationship is pretty good.”

According to Maher, rush week is used as a tool to ensure potential new members click well with current members and vice versa.

“I’ve connected well and I like everyone and everyone gets along well with me,” said Cameron Cowell, sophomore psychology major and potential new member.

According to Daniel Graves, Theta Chi member, the potential new members are genuinely interested and possess the qualities Theta Chi seeks.

“They have that heart you need to have to be in a fraternity,” Graves said.

That heart is instilled through traditions such as the tailgate or poker night.

“(Poker night) gets energized, sitting around a table, where you can have 10 or 11 people around a table talking, having a good time, laughing, shouting, doing whatever,” Graves said. “It’s very social.”

“(The tailgate) is another opportunity to come hang out with us in a low-stress environment, getting away from the stress of school and being on campus, having a good time, getting some food, throwing around the football and watching the rams take on Cal Poly,” said Kevin Johnson, secretary of Theta Chi.

According to Deep Badhesha, Marshall of Theta Chi, the events were designed with cost-effectiveness in mind.

“We want to make sure we are minimizing costs, especially for people who are just coming to hang out with us,” Badhesha said.


According to Badhesha, Theta Chi projected 25 new members before rush week began. Now, the numbers look to range between 15 and 20 new members.

Theta Chi is a fraternity established to assist students and help them connect with other organizations on campus.

“Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for alma mater,” Badhesha said. “Yes you’re a Theta Chi, but you’re a CSU Ram first… How are you going to be a good CSU Ram? You’re going to have a good GPA and be involved in your community.”

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