Update: Frank says financial aid will not be affected by shutdown

Update (4:14 p.m.) Frank sends message to CSU regarding Government Shutdown.

An email sent by Tony Frank said he hopes the impacts of the government shutdown will be “minimal” for the university while still acknowledging there will be some challenges.


CSU students with financial aid will not be impacted by the governmental shutdown for now, but students who are currently applying for financial aid and in need of information from the IRS can expect delays and are urged to call financial services, according to Frank.

University employees who receive  federal grants, contracts and work-study may be affected by the shutdown, however it is dependent upon the type of federal funding and may change depending on the length of the shutdown.

Certain research programs at the university may be impacted, but at this time Frank said employees should continue work funded by federal awards to the extent that their  funds are available.

Original Story:

Due to a variety of reasons, the U.S. federal government has officially shut down.

Although it is unclear how the shutdown will affect federally-funded universities, the Department of Education released a contingency plan outlining what services would still be available during a shutdown.

One of the largest areas the Department of Education funds is student grants and loans.

The plan states, “Over 14 million students receive student aid, in the form of grants and loans, at over 6,600 schools through these programs.”

The shutdown occurred at a “critical point” in the administration of the student aid program, so financial aid services will continue to deliver aid to students. Pell Grants and student loans will continue as normal.

Programs funded from a prior year would continue to operate through the shutdown. However, a delay greater than one week would severely restrict cash flow to universities, according to the plan.


In the first week, the department will furlough 90 percent of its total staff and use only necessary employees to maintain a bare minimum function. No more than 6 percent of the staff would return to work if the shutdown lasts more than one week. As of September 2013, 4,225 full-time employees worked for the Department of Education.

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