Scavenger hunt aims to help students and businesses

For many students, having the Lory Student Center under construction has been difficult due to the fact that many offices and businesses have either disappeared or relocated on campus.

In order to help students find their way around LSC north, and learn what resources are still there, Colab, the Lory Student Center Marketing Shop, is putting on a scavenger hunt September 3-6.


“We really just want to create a fun activity that would get students engaged with going to each office and location within LSC north,” said Sydney Shalz, LSC marketing assistant.  “With construction, students may be confused or a little afraid to go in there or want to try to avoid it, so we just want to avoid that a little bit.”

To play, students can get a card from one of the offices or the bookstore. Once they have the card, they can visit the offices and businesses listed to go answer questions and receive prizes.

“Each question is tailored to the business that they want to ask about so you are getting a little bit of information from each of the places you go,” Shalz said. “The only feedback we have gotten is from businesses in the LSC and everyone is really excited about it, they are really glad we decided to do something like this.”

Shalz also addressed the concerns of the participating businesses.

“They are worried that people aren’t going to come, and to know they are still open and they are glad that we decided to do this for them, while helping the students,” added Shalz.

Once they have completed the scavenger hunt, students have to fill out a question on the bottom of the card and turn it into a collection box located in the Bookstore.

Next week, after all the cards have been collected, Colab will go through all of the answers and pick the three best ones, then students will be able to go onto the LSC’s Facebook page and vote for their favorite answer from the three.

Those three students will all receive a prize; first place will be an iPad mini provided by RamTech, second place will be a $100 gift certificate from the Bookstore, and third place will be a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore and a CSU blanket.

“[I think the scavenger hunt is a good idea] because I would know [after the hunt] where different resources are, even if they don’t apply to me,” said freshman, Amanda Charlton. “It gives students incentive to find the offices and buildings. I would do the [scavenger hunt].”

Shalz is hoping that the scavenger hunt will be beneficial for both students and the various resources on campus.


“I would just say that this is a great opportunity to get used to the construction because it won’t be done until next fall and [it is a great opportunity] to kind of get comfortable with how everything has moved around,” Shalz said. “It is a great opportunity to learn about each place that you go, and you get a free little prize from each place.”

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