How to stay on track during college

Tips and advice from advisers for different majors and concentrations of study

 CSU is a well-known school for several majors, and growing in other fields. For these fields of study, the timeline is fairly short and structured. The road to success can be winding, but it is important to stay on track. Several advisors have a list of requirements and advice for students to stay on track through college.


Pre-Law: Advisor Courtenay Daum

·  Four years of undergrad in any major

·  “Admissions committees will look positively on students who have challenged themselves.”

·  Strong writing and reading skills are essential

·  Join pre-law club

·  LSAT is required to get into law school

·  Students need a personal statement and letters of recommendation for law school

·   “(The personal statement) is a key component of your application and should be taken seriously.”

·  Law school takes 3 to 5 years for completion

Engineering: Biomedical engineering advisor Brett Beal


·  Four to five years of undergrad

·  BME is coupled with another concentration, which will result in two degrees, “We like to say, ‘buy one, get one 75% off.’”

·  4 semester of calculus, 1-2 semesters of chemistry, 2 semesters of physics and engineering courses

·  “Those students who are more active in their education, have experience of some sort (in a lab, internship, any part-time random work is helpful), get a jump on things and are pro-active in seeking employment will typically have a better chance than the student who is ho-hum about things.”

·  The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is required to graduate: 8 hours for180 questions

Business: Shawn Utecht, Manager of Undergraduate and Graduate Career Counseling

·  Four years of undergrad

·  Courses: accounting, marketing, management, finance and concentration-specific classes

·  “Over 80 percent of (business) students will have a job by 90 days after graduation, while many others will continue on to graduate/professional school.”

·  Employers look for good grades, experience and involvement.

·  “CSU’s College of Business is a nationally ranked business school and is very competitive.”

Pre-Vet: Advisor Ann Bowen

·  Four years of undergrad in any major

·  Concentration of hard sciences and 30 to 40 credits of veterinary prep courses

·  “(Different) vet schools have their own required classes for entrance.”

·  Research potential schools requirements, 4-year plans highly recommended

·  “Be mindful and prepare. Make your timeline work for you.”

·  Professional school: GRE for entrance, 2,000 hours or more of service, 3.5 or higher GPA

·  Four years of professional school, more for specialized areas