German Club at CSU

In the heartland of Fort Collins, amidst the unmistakable beer and bike culture exists a small sect that share the same passions abroad. A German sect.

Every other Wednesday, the German Club at CSU holds a meeting at The Wild Boar Cafe to discuss German culture in the German language.


“We’re all in classes 200 level and beyond, we speak a fair portion of German which is nice to get practice,” said Andrea Romero, treasurer of the club.

According to Romero, the club exists to create an environment where students of the language can go and develop their speaking skills as well as educate themselves on German culture through events.

Currently, the club has around 20 to 25 members. Not all members can make it to each meeting and event, according to Frankie Wilcox, senior instructor of German and faculty advisor to the club.

This year the club will be attending Oktoberfest in Loveland, hiking in Breckenridge, trick or treating for cans, hosting a Mardi Gras party in cooperation with the French Club and having multiple film nights.

This weekend at the Loveland Oktoberfest the club will have an informational booth.

“We have a big informational booth where we talk about German Club and try to get community members engaged,” Wilcox said.

The hiking weekend in Breckenridge involves eating German treats such as, schnitzel which is fried breaded pork and spätzle, an egg noodle.

Trick or treat for cans is an event where members go trick or treating door to door, but instead of asking for candy they ask for non-perishable food to donate.

Throughout the year, German Club will host four film nights. According to Wilcox, American films differ greatly.

“Action films aren’t quite as grand as Hollywood films as far as the special effects are concerned and often times they don’t necessarily have a happy ending, even with certain comedies,” Wilcox said.


In association with these events, German Club also holds multiple bake sales throughout the year.

“Our Bake Sale money all goes to a scholarship we give out at the end of the spring semester for students looking to study abroad in Germany,” said Jennifer Robinson, President of German Club and last year’s scholarship winner.

“The main criteria, since it’s through German Club, would be German Club involvement,” said Wilcox. “We have them write a letter basically explaining how the study abroad will benefit their German studies.”

The club offers the scholarship to help students in their endeavour to learn the language.

“I spent the summer there, it was a six week program,” said Robinson. “It was amazing, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity”

“People need to come to German Club because we have a lot of fun. It’s not a serious club, you don’t have to attend every meeting. We just get together and speak German to each other, appreciate German culture and do a lot of fun events,” said Robinson.

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