Sherpa brawl leads to stricter climbing rules on Everest

Sherpas trekking Mt. Everest. Photo courtesy of, Flickr.
Sherpas trekking Mt. Everest. Photo courtesy of, Flickr.

Climbing rules and expedition guidelines will be strictly tightened next year for Mount Everest, according to an announcement by Nepalese officials last Friday, Benita Matilda reports for Science World Report.

The new regulations come as a result of several incidents, including a brawl between three European climbers and their Sherpa guides in April, when 17 Sherpas accused the climbers of kicking ice down on them while they were setting ropes for the ascent. Also leading to the announcement were cases of undignified behavior by Everest climbers.


Ang Tshering, ex-president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, is quoted in the article: “These days we see people trying to make bizarre records like, for instance, standing on their head or taking off their clothes while on the summit. These behaviors don’t bode well for the dignity of Everest, which is a global icon.”

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