Rocky Mountain River repairs renew fishing areas

rocky mountain river
rocky mountain river (Photo credit: 12thSonOfLama)

Though the ever popular river in Colorado for fishing may seem like old news, according to Denver Post’s article “‘New’ fishing water an almost instant result of stream repairs,” by Scott Willoughby, the river is harboring new fishing territories that were thought to be long gone.

“Immediate impact And, as implausible as it may be to describe any Rocky Mountain river as “new,” there are certainly elements of truth to the claim,” wrote Willoughby. “Thanks to a 2007 court settlement over natural resource damages from mining pollution, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has enough funding to go in and refurbish upper portions of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area about 10 miles south of Leadville into something that could be considered new.”


Be sure to check out the new fishing hot spots this summer, while you still can.