Beau Jo’s closes its doors and moves down the block

Come Labor Day, you will have to walk a little farther to get your favorite slice of pizza.

Beau Jo’s, home of Colorado style pizza, is closing its doors and moving to a new location a few blocks away — but not overnight.


“We are closing for a couple months,” Samie Sposato said, an undeclared sophomore who has been serving at Beau Jo’s since May of 2012.

Currently located on the corner of Mountain and College in Old Town Square, Beau Jo’s will be moving a block north to LaPorte and College, the former location of Gelatoland, which shut its doors in March.

“We were outgrowing the spot we were in,” said Brian Gray, Beau Jo’s assistant manager. If we were gonna stay here, we were hoping to expand, and that didn’t end up being an option,” Gray said.

The new space will nearly double their capacity from 3200 square feet to 7000, according to Pam Friedentag, Beau Jo’s marketing director.

“Pizza means party for the most part. It’s a shared entree,” said Friedentag.

And at this new location, it will be just that. The location will feature a wrap-around patio, walk-around salad bar, a long-awaited indoor and outdoor bar, along with an “open-kitchen” concept modeled after Beau Jo’s newly renovated Arvada location.

The move in Arvada was almost overnight, but due to elaborate renovations, Beau Jo’s won’t be up and running until mid-November to early December, “just in time for the holidays and the Black Friday shopping,” Gray said.

Beau Jo’s plans to bring the building back to its original façade and beauty, which will take months.

“It’s definitely going to have its own look,” Friedentag said. Upholding to their environmentally-conscious beliefs, they’re using refurbished wood and a color scheme with black and yellow accents.

“So far, the customers are really excited about the renovations,” Sposato said.


Beau Jo’s is not expecting a decline in patronage — only growth — due to the larger party space with a parking lot right across the street.

The pizzeria has called their Old Town Square location home for 20 years, having signed their lease in 1993. The place has its own slice of history. Formerly a bank, the basement still holds a vault where ghost tours have come in, told stories, and shared some pizza.

“I’ve never seen any ghosts,” Sposato said

The restaurant taking over the Mountain and College corner hails from Boulder. “The Kitchen,” owned by entrepreneur Kimbal Musk is a higher-end, farm-to-table concept with an everyday-changing menu.

The classic Fort Collins pizzeria does not expect competition with “The Kitchen” because they’re marketing to another scene.

“It’s gonna be beautiful. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be gorgeous,” Friedentag said.