Top cliff diving locations in the world

Cliff jumping in Cassis
Cliff jumping in Cassis (Photo credit: austinevan)

Recently The Active Times compiled a list of the top locations to cliff jump on Earth.

The United states made the list, with a location in Vermont.


“You might not think a lakefront cliff jump could be as dangerous as one set above roaring ocean waves, but even a lake dive can prove treacherous for the uninitiated,” Nicholas DeRenzo said.

Cliff jumping, for those who have never been, is simply jumping off the side of high land, ultimately landing in a body of water. This compilation consists of a list that factors in both scenery and height.

At the same time, the ‘sport’ can be very dangerous if not performed properly.

“Just look at the activity’s nickname, “tombstoning,” to get some idea of its deadly reputation. This sport, in the wrong hands, is no laughing matter,” DeRenzo said.

Below  is an example of cliff jumping at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, CO. As you can see, the water is filled with rocks at the bottom, making it dangerous.

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