Cohen captures powder shredding

Outdoor adventures all start with someone with a crazy idea to head out into the forest, mountains, or desert. For Lee Cohen, his sole companion was a camera. According to “Feature Portfolio: Deep Powder by Lee Cohen,” by Steve Casimiro on Adventure Journal, Lee Cohen has “captured some of the deepest, most iconic powder skiing images the snow world has seen.”

In the profile, Cohen said, “I don’t remember any specific moment when I first heard about Alta or whatever it was that urged me to go there. Probably general chitchat about skiing and the mega snow and the deepest pow. If you’re a ski bum when you’re first hearing about Alta or Utah it takes on mythological proportions. It’s only after you ski there and taste it that you realize it’s true.”


To see some of Cohen’s photography, and learn more about how he became a ski-adventure-photographer, read Casimiro’s article.