Businesses replace golf with fly-fishing

Flyfishing on river Sava Bohinjka, Slovenia
Flyfishing on river Sava Bohinjka, Slovenia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Often when you are being interviewed for a job in a company, part of the interviewing process includes a day of golfing where the interviewer can really get to know your personality. Well, according to Shane Tritsch’s article “Is fly0fishing the new golf?” on Chrain’s Chicago Business, fly-fishing may be the new interviewer’s method to get to know potential employees.

“Although he has shot plenty of rounds of golf, (John) Rudolph, (owner of two manufacturing companies in Grand Rapids, Mich.) finds the leisurely rhythms of fishing more conducive to mixing work and play,” Tritsch wrote.


So it may be time to learn to fly fish alongside golfing, if you plan to get into big industry companies.