British woman dies during English Channel swim

According to Outside Magazine, a British woman attempting to swim the English Channel to raise money for charity died Sunday after collapsing on the French coast. Susan Taylor was swimming to raise money for a hospice and diabetes charity. Taylor was airlifted to a French hospital but was unable to be revived.

A swimmer in the English Channel. Courtesy of
A swimmer in the English Channel. Courtesy of

“While French officials do not allow swimmers to depart from their side of the Channel because of currents, changing weather conditions, and shipping traffic, British officials authorized a number of charity swimmers to cross the Channel Sunday,” Scott Rosenfield wrote in the article.


Taylor had been training for the swim for a year. She was the seventh person to die during the swim since the first unassisted swim in 1875. The Channel Swimming Association was formed in 1927 to support English Channel swimmers and authenticate and verify their crossing times.

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