American woman plans to run the Tour de France route

Zoe Romano, a Virginia native, is combating the Tour de France route, not on a bike, but on foot. Romano, is running the entire 2,000 mile course to raise money from the World

English: Female Jogger on Coleman Avenue in Mo...
English: Female Jogger on Coleman Avenue in Morro Bay, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pediatric Project, which offers pediatric-care resources to doctors and nurses in developing countries, according to USA Today.


She is going to be averaging 30 miles a day for nine weeks, which is more than what a marathon calls for.

This is not Romano’s first time going an ultra long distance. In 2011, Romano completed a run across the continental United States, becoming the first woman to ever do so.

Her boyfriend, Alex Kreher, will be accompanying her and documenting the feat.

If you want to follow along with Romano’s run, follow her Facebook page.