13 non-essential items for the luxury backpacker

Backpacking. Photo from flickr.com.

If you’re not packing a set of nesting wine glasses in your bag when you’re going backpacking, you’re doing it wrong, according to Brendan Leonard from Adventure Journal.

Leonard’s list of 13 non-essential items to take backpacking includes a collapsible whisk, stainless steel chopsticks, a tent fan,and “one six-ounce hip flask of whiskey (that) contains about the same amount of alcohol as a six-pack of beer, and weighs about four pounds less.”


Also on the list is Grandpa’s FireFork. “This stainless steel attachment fits onto a stick and pokes through a marshmallow or hot dog for roasting. Kind of a Marshmallow Roasting Stick for minimalists,” Leonard writes.

For the complete list of luxurious, slightly ridiculous items, click here.