What ASCSU is doing this summer to prepare for the fall

After the ASCSU election, President Nigel Daniels and Vice President Andrew Olsen have hit the ground running to prepare for the fall.

“It’s been a learning curve,” Daniels said.


His focus is on collaborating his and Olson’s initiatives with the traditions of CSU and ASCSU.

Daniels has been meeting with leadership across campus to know what predecessors have done in the past to maintain campus relationships. He also has been working with Ram Carts to ensure that the food will be provided to the Morgan Library during the Lory Student Center Renovations.

Daniels has also been meeting with city officials and attended his first Board of Governors meeting this week. Daniels is also planning to stay up to speed on the community’s wants and needs.

Olson said in terms of Nigel’s agenda, “The work load has been impressive.”

He explained that “it is all worth it because it will be just a matter of implementation in the fall.”

One specific task that Olson has been working on is making student fees easy to understand for students, parents and the average person.

“(I’ve also been) talking with incoming students during orientation sessions; trying to get them involved and helping them succeed in their college career,” Olson said. “Coming into this job, I was told that it will be hard and will keep me busy. But I am having a complete blast.”

Olson said he has learned a lot so far.

“Time management has been essential, but patience has proved to be more important.”

In terms of obstacles faced, Olson said, “For me personally, everything has been working out really well. Getting things done this early makes it easy to not hit any obstacles.”


“IT has been the most stressful piece of the whole process thus far,”Daniels said of the LSC renovations and the new environment of the Mac gym.

Daniels said that the move from the LSC to the Mac gym has been more difficult than they anticipated.

“It’s been crazy,” Daniels said.  “I am feeling great. Every small step is a part of the big puzzle. We are all looking forward to a great year.”

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