Sarah Outen passes 1,100 nautical miles on self powered round the world trip

English: A self portrait taken on the Indian O...
English: A self portrait taken on the Indian Ocean voyage, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sarah Outen, now on her third attempt is well on her way to becoming the first woman to travel the world ( about 20,000 miles under her own power). Her plan is to walk, bike, or row around the world from London to London. Initially attempted in spring of 2012 her boat Gulliver capsized and she had to be rescued.

However Sarah is at it again with just 55 days at sea she has covered 1121 nautical miles on her way to Vancouver which is expected to take 6 months. Her plan is end her pacific journey in Vancouver then bike across the continental United States to row her last leg of the journey across the Atlantic.


Sarah keeps her trip interesting by listening to music and growing her own food. She recently blogged about having a “boat salad” which was made of lentil sprouts that she grew herself. Sarah has a team of specialists on hand to help her in the event of an emergency but so far the only issue she ran into was a brief capsizing of her new boat Happy Socks that was quickly fixed.

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