First day of summer hot and burning

Today is the official first day of summer and we are already in a drought with about 15 fires are burning in the state of Colorado already.

Forest Fire! (Photo credit: Frank Swift)
Forest Fire! (Photo credit: Frank Swift)

Over the last few weeks the state has seen its fair share of fires start up. Check this comprehensive list from 9 news.


Last summer Colorado saw a few major fires in the Waldo Canyon Fire and the High Park Fire. Both major fire burned over 105,531 acres of land with the High Park fire burning over 85,000 acres alone.

This year we are facing 15 major outdoor fires with the Black Forest fire and the Royal Gorge Fires fresh on our minds we have already seen a year in which Colorado faced its most destructive fire in the Black Forest with 14,198 acres destroyed and over 509 homes burned down. So face the estimated damages are around the 90M mark. Not to mention the loss in property and life that was experienced.

Those effected by fire lose more then just their home, they lose all of their family keep sakes such as photo’s, clothing, old family mementos and sometimes even pets.

While your outdoors camping this summer make sure to keep an eye on that camp fire and help us keep as much of Colorado green as possible.