Colorado State Surplus Tent Sale has a successful turnout

surplus sale
Angela Bennick, employee of INTO CSU, looks at a pair of cleats that were left behin for the Tent Sale, Sunday. The Surplus Tent Sale brought in over $21,000 in sales for the Eco Leader Program at CSU. Photo By Logan Martinez

Colorado State University Surplus Tent Sale had another successful sale Saturday and Sunday, with over 3,000 people in attendance.

Jake Drenth, Surplus Property manager, was pleased to have over $21,000 in sales on Saturday alone.


“It has been a great success, we have had a lot of people from the community come out and we have had great support from our volunteer staff. Ultimately it has been a great success all the way around,” Drenth said.

Between the two years, the Surplus Property has been able to change the event to be more accessible and visitor friendly, including having 30 volunteers at the event.

“We only had two registers the first day last year, so we had a huge line going through the warehouse,” said Jared Conn, a temporary worker for the Tent Sale.” It was pretty stressful, so it has been nice having all of the registers out here and having five of them. That has really helped with the flow.”

While not everything sold at the sale, the initiative ensures the majority of items are kept out of the dumpsters.

“It is a great cause, keeping all of this stuff out of the landfill, that is the big thing,” said Carol Dollard, CSU facilities employee and Live Green Team volunteer. “Hopefully even the stuff that doesn’t sell ends up some place where somebody can wear it and not end up being thrown away, which is what used to happen.”

The sales success for the second year is guaranteeing the tent sale to become an annual event, Drenth said.