Avoiding the gym during the summer is actually good for you

It’s officially summer, which means it is the perfect time to cancel your gym membership.

Unfortunately, we aren’t here to tell you you get the summer off.  Actually quite the opposite.


As the snow melts away, try taking your exercise outdoors!
As the snow melts away, try taking your exercise outdoors!

According to Jill Barker of the Edmonton Journal, the warmth of Summer provides a perfect opportunity for you to exercise in nature while also gaining assets to your workout that the gym cannot provide.

“Runners who move from the treadmill to the fresh air expend more energy than those who run on a revolving belt. Wind resistance, varying terrain and the extra energy it takes to run on a surface that doesn’t move all combine to make running outdoors more of a physical challenge.”

Barker argues not only can your workout benefit from moving away from the AC, but so can your mood.

“The perception that outdoor workouts are easier than those conducted indoors is due to the effect fresh air and sunshine have on your psyche. A number of studies have reported that outdoor exercise improves mood, which is why tough workouts feel a little less tough when done outside.”

You may be used to watching Barbra Walters rant on The View during your workout.  However, taking your workout outdoors can be much more entertaining.  Just ask these joggers.

“Ask any runner and they’ll tell you they can work out longer and harder outdoors. Cyclists will say the same, despite having to battle wind, potholes, car doors and errant dogs. Cycling on pavement beats indoor workouts hands down.”

So, here’s a challenge.  Skip your workout at the gym today.  Instead, try moving it outdoors, and let us know if Barker’s argument ‘worked out’ for you.