Farewell from the Collegian Editorial Board

At midnight tonight, the Editorial Board of the Collegian changes hands for the 122nd time.

This paper strives to be students’ first and primary source for local news, and provide a little entertainment to brighten your day-to-day life on campus.


We hope that we did a good job of keeping you informed and engaged this year, and even though we may not always reply to your critiques and feedback, please know that it is both thoroughly enjoyed and taken to heart — you help make us better.

This board departs on what just may be the cusp of a whole new era for CSU.

The future of the university will be significantly shaped slowly over the coming years, and needs a strong student voice to communicate the wants and needs of the student body during our campus’ transformation.

CSU and Fort Collins will also see many challenges these next years. Hopefully, we’ll find the funding required to finish Engineering II and build our on-campus stadium, while you bear witness to ever-increasing tuition, eternal construction and the constant threat from local special interest groups like Team Fort Collins trying to implement nonsensical, anti-student paternal restrictions such as social host ordinances that punishes party hosts for the actions of underage partygoers.

There is something unique about our community here, but it will only stay that way with an active, engaged and informed student body.

While this Editorial Board is departing, the Collegian isn’t going anywhere. Stick with us over the summer for our weekly publications and stay up to date on everything happening at CSU over the next few months online at Collegian.com or our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Good luck this summer –– and have fun!