Thursday night apartment fire at Ram’s Pointe

A late night snack of fried pickles led to a 911 call.

Ashley Bamberg, sophomore psychology major, said that her and six others were making fried pickles in Ram’s Pointe apartment 1313 at 10:30 p.m. last night when the oil got too hot and started a small fire.


“One of our friends was just trying to help because he was the only guy in the room and he decided to pour water on it and the whole ceiling lit on fire,” Bamberg said.

She said that the fire sprinklers went on, which put the fire out and drenched their entire apartment.

Bamberg said she wasn’t sure if the apartment above them was damaged, but their next-door neighbors had some water leakage due to the apartment flooding.

The four residents of apartment 1313 were told to move out last night and Ram’s Pointe put them into a room at the Hilton until Monday at noon.

“For the next 72 hours they are drying out the apartment with sand,” Bamberg said. “Liability is a concern when it comes to the damage we did to Ram’s Pointe.”

She said no one was hurt, and each of the residents has renter’s insurance. So far, they are sure they have to pay a $250 deductible.