The CSU community reacts to April 17 snow day closure via Facebook: A little late

Over at CSU’s official Facebook page, students are not too thrilled with the way the university handled today’s closing. Main point: wow, that’s late.

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Here are some of the best:

1.  A little late. I saw multiple accidents on my way home. Hope the “public safety team” is glad to have put so many lives in danger.

2. God forbid Tony Frank shuts down campus, we have to wait for the city of Fort Collins to shut down and force a campus closing.

3.Be smart & just close it for tomorrow- you’ve already made two debatable calls…

4. But that’s just it: MISSING ONE OR EVEN TWO DAYS OF CLASSES IN COLLEGE is not a “risk to your future” 
You’re delusional if you think so. We are all adults and we chose whether or not we go to class. YOU are the one “risking your life” to log iClicker participation points. 
Quit being a dramatic child. You’re in college now.

5. Movie drinking marathon!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!

6. OK so now that everyone who was going to campus is already there, let’s put them on the road at the same time. Brilliant. I hope that firetruck I heard was just running a drill and not a first response. Seriously, you done goofed this time CSU. You cancel my work after my professors have more sense to cancel my classes, and do this to me twice.

7. Thanks for being so concerned with safety that you have every one come in for a couple hours, dangerous in the first place, then you have everyone leaving in massive amounts of traffic along with the accidents you are causing…real concerned with our safety…great job. You think an institution of higher learning would be smarter!!

8. People are slipping & hurting themselves? Is that really the schools fault? If you fear for your own personal safety, you have a responsibly to make a judgement call. Same with a vehicle accidents. I lived in Fort Collins for years. Snow is life in Colorado. Don’t blame an agency for others personal neglect.

9. Shoulda happened 5 hours ago.

10. Okay. It’s about $30 per class and many people had tests today. In some classes, the whole grade is only a few tests. So yes, missing one would be detrimental to your class and your semester. And if its a important higher level class, it’s hight possible that you would miss your graduation date. And it’s clear that all the people who are telling the college kids to “suck it up” have ALREADY GRADUATED. Keep in mind that we are not paid to be there, like you are for work. Get over yourselves.