Colorado State faculty member crosses Boston Marathon finish line before explosion

Update 7:19 p.m.The Associated Press is now reporting 3 deaths and over 130 injuries. 



Milton Brown, a CSU Facilities Management civil engineering project manager, ran in today’s Boston Marathon.

With thousands of runners still to complete the race, two bombs exploded near the photo bridge that marked the finish line around 3 p.m. EST.

“He is OK, he had already passed the finish line,” said Catherine Brown, a relative of Milton.

Catherine also said Milton’s wife and friends were in the stands and are OK as well.

“I talked to (Milton’s) wife; she said they were all OK, and Milton was heading to get all his stuff,” Catherine said.

Cell phone service is extremely bad in the Boston area, she said, but she was able to make sure everyone was OK.

CSU student Daniel Harper was signed up to run in the Boston Marathon.

“I’m just thinking about the people that were injured and hoping that everyone is OK,” said Harper, a graduate student in the health and exercise department.

Harper was not able to attend the race today due to an injury.

“I think that it’s just a coincidence that I’m not there,” Harper said. “I’m not really superstitious.”


There were 35 Fort Collins residents who were registered for the marathon today. Harper said that he did not know anyone else at the race this year.

“I know some people were killed,” Harper said. “So, I’m thinking about those families, too.”

Numbers of victims vary across sources, but the Associated Press has reported two dead and more than 100 injured.

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