ASCSU candidates to face off in formal debate tonight in LSC theater

ASCSUThe bright glare of the spotlight will be on the ASCSU presidential candidates when they take the stage in the Lory Student Center Theater this evening.

After an informal Q&A on the plaza last week, all eyes will be on the candidates during their first, and only, formal debate between 6:30 and 8 p.m. Questions will initially be posed by the Collegian editorial board, followed by open questions from the audience. The debate will be televised on CTV.


Both candidates said they are looking forward to further familiarizing the student body with their platform, and contrasting their policies with that of their opponent.

“Hopefully this is an opportunity to get out the message of why we’re doing this, why we’re running,” candidate Nigel Daniels said. “If nothing else, I hope it encourages students to get out and vote on issues and matters that affect them here on campus.”

“Our goal is just (to) better educate students on some of our initiatives and answer any questions they have about them,” said his opponent Wendy Bowling.

While both campaigns have vastly different platforms, each has the same goal of improving the student experience at CSU.

Among other initiatives, Bowling and running mate John Stockley are pushing to ensure the Ramskeller stays open during the LSC construction, want to amend the U+2 zoning law and want to lay groundwork for ASCSU to have long term success.

Daniels and his running mate Andrew Olsen want to make sure students have influence with university decisions and to make ASCSU more inclusive. Also on their agenda is the creation of an end of the year celebration on campus and a discounted food-cart for students during finals week.

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