Old Firehouse Books host graphic novel book club

The comic and graphic novel book club, "Graphically Yours" is reading "Superman Red Son" this month which can be found at Old Firehouse Books. "Graphically Yours" meets the first Friday of every month at the Happy Lucky's Teahouse right next door.
The comic and graphic novel book club, “Graphically Yours” is reading “Superman Red Son” this month which can be found at Old Firehouse Books. “Graphically Yours” meets the first Friday of every month at the Happy Lucky’s Teahouse right next door.

At Old Firehouse Books this Friday, an alternate universe will be unfolded through the pages of a comic book.

Graphically Yours is a monthly book club that reads graphic novels, and for this month the group read “Superman: Red Son” by Dave Johnson.


The novel is based in the idea of Superman landing in the Soviet Union instead of on a Kansas farm.

“It goes in a totally different direction,” said Justin Goodfellow, an employee at Firehouse Books. “He basically turns into Stalin’s henchmen and it’s just a whole elaborate crazy thing.”

Goodfellow hopes to make it to the book club Friday because this has been one of the few graphic novels that he has read.

“I’ve read the book before. It’s a really interesting take on the superman thing,” Goodfellow said.  “I don’t read too many graphic novels. It just caught my eye just how original the content was.”

Susie Wilmer, manager and owner of Old Firehouse Books, thinks that book clubs are a way for the reader to get more involved in a book that they may be reading.

“Reading is such a solitary occupation. This allows you to speak to other people who like to read and people who read similar books,” Wilmer said. “And to read books you’d never thought of on your own.”

The Graphically Yours book club has around five to seven recurring members but wants to draw in more attendees. It has been going on for a year and a half.

“I don’t want to insult anybody, but it’s a bunch of nerdy people who love graphic novels. They try to read one so they can discuss it,” Wilmer said.

To join, Wilmer said to come down about five minutes before the meeting at 6 p.m. and check out the front desk for the location.

“Often it’s in the tea house next door and hopefully they have read the graphic novel before, which we have on sale,” Wilmer said. “But if they bought the book somewhere else, nobody says anything mean if they have it from another source.”


Firehouse Books sells graphic novels, and sells them pretty well according to Wilmer. But the Graphically Yours book club often read independent books and or comics.

Goodfellow recommends the Graphically Yours book club for anybody that likes to read.

“It’s just a graphic novel is an advanced form. Most people, they treat it kind of like a nimble kind of comic thing,” Goodfellow said. “But there’s a lot of content and art that they put into these things, anyone … could appreciate the drawing.”

“Usually it is very character oriented and driven. Which is surprising because you’d think it’s more action packed but most of the popular (graphic novels) are reading like non fictional but are in fact fictional,” Goodfellow said.

March’s Graphically Yours book club will be discussing “Y the Last Man” by Brian Vaughan.

Old Firehouse Books also offers other book clubs such as the Open Book Club, Strange Worlds Book Club and Traps and Trench Coats Book Club.