CSU Board of Governors approves College of Applied Human Sciences name change

By the numbers CSU enrollment
1. College of Liberal Arts: 5,384 students
2. College of Applied Human Sciences: 4,592 students
3. College of Natural Sciences: 4,150 students
4. Intra-University: 2,934 students
5. College of Engineering: 2,653 students
6. College of Business: 2,395 students
7. Warner College of Natural Resources: 1,597 students
8. College of Agricultural Science: 1,576 students
9. College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science: 1,518 students
College of Applied Human Sciences student enrollment
Freshman: 726
Sophomores: 911
Juniors: 939
Seniors: 1,352
Masters: 493
Doctoral: 171
Total: 4,592
CSU Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda informed the CSU community that the College of Applied Human Sciences will be renamed for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year in an email sent Feb. 8. As of July 1, 2013, the college will be called the College of Health and Human Sciences. The Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System – comprised of 15 prominent Colorado business, nonprofit and community leaders as well as university faculty members and student body presidents – approved the name change on Friday, Feb. 8. Nine of the 15 Board of Governors representatives are voting members.
“This change acknowledges the important role the college plays in advancing the quality of life and human well-being in all its dimensions – from helping to combat childhood obesity to addressing the continued demand for housing, healthcare, education, and the resources that keep our families and communities strong,” Miranda wrote. Miranda also noted in the email that this redefinition is an important step forward in CSU’s land-grant mission. This college emphasizes improving quality of life and is pivotal in addressing aspects of CSU’s mission in innovative and important ways.
The departments within the college consist of: Construction Management, Design and Merchandising, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Health and Exercise Science, Human Development and Family Studies, Occupational Therapy, and the Schools of Education and Social Work.