Leaner, meaner RamRide machine: New director points department in new direction

Big changes are in store for RamRide this semester. Potential changes include a restructuring of the department, a new dispatch system, a smaller fleet of vehicles, decreased wait times and a smaller volunteer force, according to new RamRide director Chelsey Green.

“We will really focus on efficiency of RamRide,” Green said. “We want to cut down wait times and really streamline the whole department.”


Green also plans to implement a strategic action plan to try to secure funding for a new dispatch system which will assign cars to rides based on a GPS system.

“Right now I am in the process of meeting with Regina and the RamRide advisory board,” Green said. “We are working to hopefully partner up with other campus organizations, and eventually get into testing some new technology at the end of this semester.”

According to ASCSU president Regina Martel, the action plan will also help the department more easily portray its core purpose.

“It’ll help us define values we are not willing to compromise on,” Martel said. “This might include always making it a safe ride home, never to a party, and always having the program be completely student-run.”

This semester could also bring an organizational overhaul to the RamRide department, according Martel.

“We will be completely restructuring it,” Martel said. “We will be examining things like if we have too many staff members or not enough, but Chelsey is definitely going to be key to this semester.”

Martel also hopes an era of stability will be brought along with Green.

“It helps that she is a junior and so she has the possibility to re-apply for the position for next year,” said Martel. “That way she will be able to introduce big ideas and carry them through several semesters.”

As for personal goals, Green hopes to implement new volunteer appreciation programs for RamRide volunteers.

“A lot of our volunteers are Greek organizations,” Green said. “We would love to maybe create an event for them, like a theme event, where volunteers can dress up and have fun. It will add more excitement and make it fun.”


Martel hopes to follow through with these changes and is confident Green will pave the way towards a new and improved RamRide. Most of all, she said, she hopes these changes are here to stay.

City Beat Reporter Carrie Mobley can be reached at news@collegian.com.