New program to assist students in accomplishing college bucket list

Students who had trouble completing the “70 things to do before you graduate” list will receive help from student government beginning next semester.

Next semester, the Associated Students of CSU will start a program to help students complete the ASCSU-sponsored list, according to Taylor Jackson, director of Student Services.


“We are really big on school spirit here,” said Jackson. “We have been working with the athletics department in order to make lasting traditions and also to make them something students know about and can easily accomplish.”

The first step in completing this project is to cross the small things off the list, Jackson said. This means things that are already sponsored by ASCSU, such as meeting the student body president, volunteering for RamRide or going to the Grill the Buffs event before the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

“First we will tackle the PR (Public Relations) side of it and try to get some of the easier ones, like meeting Regina or voting in an ASCSU election,” Jackson said. “Then more students will know about the list and will hopefully be working towards completing it.”

Next, said Jackson, are bigger events that will take more time to coordinate.

“Then we will move towards planning events that will become a tradition to be held once a year, and work towards getting as many people there as possible,” Jackson said. “That way it will turn into a tradition of its own.”

The first Friday of spring semester will bring back the “get your green on” Fridays, in which free forever green t-shirts will be handed out on the plaza.

“We are going to implement a rewards system so that at the entrance of an event or on the plaza students will have a card to get stamped for participating,” Jackson said. “At a certain number of stamps, students can win prizes from the bookstore like free backpacks or sweatshirts to reward those who are most involved.”

The point of this, said ASCSU President Regina Martel, is about more than the points a student can earn; it is about the CSU experience.

“Hopefully students will be able to get more of a taste of what its about to be a Ram,” Martel said. “We are really trying to get people more connected to their university and encourage more school pride.”

As for hosting enough events for students to complete the entire list, Jackson said it will be an ongoing effort.


“Eventually we will get to that point. This semester is the test run,” Jackson said. “The next few years, after these things have become a tradition, it will get to the point that a student could easily accomplish all the things on that list through our programming.”