Larimer County Election Results


8:47 — Larimer County

Larimer County has released unofficial results for presidential votes in Larimer County. A total of 149,306 votes were cast.


Presidential Race

Candidate Percent Votes
Virgil H. Goode Jr. / Jim Clymer (ACN) 0.23% 341
Barack Obama / Joe Biden (DEM) 51.50% 76,297
Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan (REP) 46.15% 68,379
Gary Johnson / James P. Gray (LIB) 1.44% 2,127
Jill Stein / Cheri Honkala (GRN) 0.32% 477
Stewart Alexander / Alex Mendoza (SPU) 0.01% 9
Ross C. ‘Rocky’ Anderson / Luis J. Rodriguez (JUS) 0.05% 69
Roseanne Barr / Cindy Lee Sheehan (PAF) 0.16% 240
James Harris / Alyson Kennedy (SWP) 0.00% 5
Tom Hoefling / Jonathan D. Ellis (AMP) 0.01% 22
Gloria La Riva / Filberto Ramirez Jr. (SLB) 0.00% 4
Merlin Miller / Harry V. Bertram (ATP) 0.01% 14
Jill Reed / Tom Cary (UNA) 0.08% 120
Thomas Robert Stevens / Alden Link (OBJ) 0.01% 11
Sheila ‘Samm’ Tittle / Matthew A. Turner (WTP) 0.02% 35
Jerry White / Phyllis Scherrer (SEP) 0.00% 5


Amendment S

Percent Votes
Yes 53.93% 69,951
No 46.07% 59,747

Amendment 65

Yes 75.48% 104,335
No 24.52% 33,888

For complete results, visit the Larimer County Clerk official site.

Student and Local Reactions

7:55 — Old Town

Fort Collins Residents and CSU Students walking on South College Ave. weighed in with their thoughts about the election to Collegian Reporter Cassandra Whelihan.

Question: Did you vote?
Answer: “Of course I voted, what are you crazy?”
-Gerry Sleep, Fort Collins Resident

Q: What is your prediction for the election?
A: “It’s a joke. They just tell you what you want to hear. I didn’t vote.”
-Phil Fort, Collins Resident
A: “I think Obama is going to win”-Jazzel Mitchel, Front Range student
A: “I think its going to be close”-Justin Briggs, Front Range student

Q: What will the outcome be?
A: “I don’t know. Personally I am hoping for a split decision. I would like to see fundamental changes.”-Josh Desants alumni of CSU, Fort Collins resident
A: “I think it wont be very close. I think Obama will win. I voted for Romney because I’m pro-life. Its something I believe strongly enough in. I agree with his policies but maybe they’re unrealistic.”- Steven Shafer, Fort Collins Resident


Q: Who do you think will take Colorado?
A: “I think Obama because Colorado is progressively becoming more liberal. It seems like its more popular.”- Prefers to remain anonymous, Fort Collins resident

6:37 p.m. – Undecided voters make decisions

On Nov. 1, the Collegian asked three undecided CSU students what issues mattered to them. The three have now made up their minds; here’s what they decided:

Robin Carrera, sophomore, business major
“I voted for Mitt Romney. As a business student, I like his method of creating jobs and he does it by keeping taxes lower on business and I think that makes more sense than Obama’s plan of taxing businesses more and trying to invest more money to create jobs.”

Gus Worden, sophomore, undeclared
Worden voted for Obama. “I was looking more about the situation with Pakistan and I feel that Obama is handling it a lot better than Romney would. The debates also led me to like Obama more than Romney.”

Chris Lopina, senior, journalism
Lopina voted for Obama. “The fact that I really don’t like Mitt Romney at all. I don’t really like either of them but I like Mitt Romney way less.”