Education and Life Training Center looking for volunteers

While eliminating poverty may seem impossible to some, it is the future goal to which others dedicate themselves.

This rings especially true for the Education and Life Training Center (ELTC) in Larimer County, which provides assistance to those who are eager to improve their lives and those of their family members.


The ELTC offers affordable vocational courses and the educational foundation needed to move forward financially. Rather than deciding what the participants need to improve their quality of life, the center encourages them to explain what it is they need.

“The participants are setting their own goals and we are supporting them,” said Dianne Tjalkens, the office manager for the ELTC.

The center houses several different branches that provide a location for more in-depth training in any given area. JobReady and Larimer County Circles Initiative are two of the resources provided by the ELTC.

The Circles Initiative branch focuses on assisting individuals and families in getting out of generational poverty. They provide a support network for people who have a desire to get out of poverty.

Students and residents are encouraged to volunteer their time because it is a learning experience they may not be able to get elsewhere, according to Circles coach Cassidy Shults.

“Students are exposed to communities that they may not otherwise be,” Shults said, explaining that volunteering can help assist students in the future. “There are a lot of learning opportunities for a lot of different skills that can be put on resumes.”