ASCSU holds Q & A event to answer student questions

ASCSU hosted a question and answer session on the Lory Student Center Plaza to better connect with students.

Topics covered included student fees, RamRide and the late night bus system.


This forum was the first initiative by the ASCSU Campus Outreach Initiative Team (COIT), which was recently created through legislation passed in student Senate.

HED: “President on the Plaza” event invites student participation
DEK: ASCSU holds Q & A session to answer student questions
SEO: ASCSU holds Q & A event to answer student questions

By Carrie Mobley
The Rocky Mountain Collegian

In an effort to better connect with students, the Associated Students of CSU hosted a “President on the Plaza” event Wednesday in which members of the executive cabinet addressed the student body and took questions from curious passers-by.

The panel, consisting of President Regina Martel, Vice President Joe Eden, Finance Director Wendy Bowling and Chief of Staff Robert Duran, intended to better engage students and educate them in the processes within ASCSU.

“We really wanted to have a time to get out in front of students when we weren’t trying to sell or promote anything,” Martel said. “We wanted a time to just talk to students about the progress we have made this year and open it up for questions.”

The forum also served as a way for ASCSU to showcase some of their accomplishments. One student asked about current payment methods for the late night bus system.

“We are currently working on a way to have the bars in Old Town add the bus fare to a student’s tab,” Duran said. “We want to make it as accessible as possible to as many students as possible.”

Other students asked about marketing for the RamRide Return program.

“Right now we are working to promote RamRide Return primarily through word of mouth,” Duran said. “We also have been passing out fliers with every person who uses RamRide so they know they can get safely back to their car the next morning.”


This open forum was the first initiative put on by the Campus Outreach Initiative Team (COIT), which was recently created through legislation passed by the student Senate in order to improve relationships between ASCSU and other student organizations.

“The goal of this was to try to get the office of the president to connect to campus and tell the students their goals and what they’ve accomplished,” said Brian Roling, director of Community Development. “We think it’s really important to put ourselves out there and speak to students in order to address recent issues and let students ask any questions they may have.”

Although many students seemed disinterested at the idea of talking to their student government, Roling added that ASCSU would continue to seek student input.

“Whether people show up or not,” Roling said, “we want to show them that we are here and willing to answer their questions and work with them.”