Would an on-campus stadium motivate you to go to more games?

I would not be more motivated to go to football games if the stadium was on campus because I feel like it would be way more crowded, as far as trying to get there, as far as parking. I think the fact that they have to move a lot of buildings around and tare other ones down to make way for the football stadium is unnecessary as we already have a perfectly full-functioning one. I think that, if anything, they should renovate the bus systems to go to the old stadium and renovate that so people are more compelled to go and not have to change the entire setup.

Anna Goodhart, junior communications and german double major

I would not be more likely to go to the stadium just because of the traffic.

Austin Pena, sophomore health and exercise major


Probably not if it was on campus. I don’t think it would motivate me to go any more than it does now … I don’t know, I mean, maybe I would go more just because it would be closer. But the fact that we’re not very good anyways, I don’t think it would motivate me to go more.

Jennifer McCabe, senior wildlife biology major

I probably would, just because it’s more convenient, I feel like. I live off-campus now, but I know when I lived on-campus it would be a lot easier because I didn’t have a car until my sophomore year. So I guess it would be more convenient.

Kelcy Shanahan, senior health and exercise science major

I think it would motivate me more to go to home games because it’s closer. You wouldn’t have to drive there, so you wouldn’t have to have a D.D.

Kendall Lloyd, junior international studies major

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