Will.i.am gets voter registration started on the Plaza

will.i.am on the LSC plaza
will.i.am speaks to students about voter registration on the LSC plaza Oct 4, 2012. The last day to register to vote in Colorado is Oct 9.

Will.i.am, member of the Black Eyed Peas, visited CSU’s campus today to remind students they only have five days left to register to vote.

“America needs us,” will.i.am said. “Something is wrong with America and it isn’t us.”


Volunteers braved the cold weather, gripping clipboards to assist a 100-person crowd with their registration.

“Colorado is a huge battleground state,” said Emma Marion, junior international studies major and intern at Organizing for America. “If we get people to vote here we could swing the election.”

Adorned in sparking gold loafers, will.i.am reinforced the message that the youth vote matters in a five minute speech.

“We have to stand up for our president,” he said.

Students began congregating on the plaza at 2 p.m. and shivered in huddled groups, waiting to hear will.i.am speak.

I love it when celebrities endorse candidates they support and use their influence to spread their voice,” said Josef Canaria, senior political science and communication studies major. “With fame they have a lot of power and I think it’s their social responsibility.”

Will.i.am is one of a few celebrities using fame to endorse Obama on CSU’s campus. Last month Harold and Kumar visited campus and on Saturday Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy will be in Fort Collins.

“This is the first time I’m voting in the presidential election and I want to get all the information I can,” said Devon Aimes, junior business and computer information systems major.

Aimes attended other Obama campaign speeches on campus and he said he would go to Romney speakers if they visited CSU.

Obama support, Aimes said, has been more apparent on campus. While the president visited campus last month the only member form the Romney campaign who has come to Fort Collins is Paul Ryan, who spoke at a venue on South Harmony.


“I love the Obama message but I always want to get as much information and see as many views as I can,” Aimes said.

Senior Reporter Kate Simmons can be reached at news@collegian.com.