Register now or hold your peace

There will be no more clipboard-carriers around campus and no more chances to have a voice in the election after Oct. 9: Tuesday marks the voter registration deadline for Colorado voters.

Students can update their information or register for the first time at the City Clerk office on LaPorte Avenue until 5 p.m. Those unsure of their registration status can check it and register to vote at the Larimer County Clerk website at Online registration will be open until midnight. Both the Obama and Romney campaign offices will also register voters.


The deadline, which includes registering for the first time and updating registration, will set the number of voters who will determine Larimer County’s stance in November’s election. As of Oct. 1, 14,751 people have registered to vote in Larimer County since the beginning of January, according to the Colorado Secretary of State.

Of those already registered in Larimer County, about 18.66 percent are inactive because they either did not vote in the 2010 election, or they moved from a previous address. There are slightly more Republican voters registered than Democrats, but the numbers are close enough to consider Larimer a swing county. The unaffiliated voters and CSU students could determine the election.

How to Register (flowchart):
Registration In Person (for those planning to vote in Colorado)

    1. Go to the LSC Plaza, Larimer County Elections office (200 W. Oak St.), the Fort Collins City Clerk (300 W. LaPorte Ave.), the Romney campaign office (700 S. College Ave.), or the Obama campaign office (1205B W. Elizabeth St.)
    2. Fill out a form with your name, identification, birth date, address and voter affiliation.
    3. Sign the form.

Registration Online (for Colorado and out-of-state voters)

    1. Go to your state’s voter registration website. Colorado’s is:
    2. Fill out the electronic form with your name, identification (i.e. driver’s license or I.D. number), birth date, address, and voter affiliation.
    3. Sign the form electronically and submit it.

Confirmation: You will receive an official information card from the county clerk and recorder’s office about 20 days after registering.

Voting Oct. 22-Nov. 6

    1. Mail in: You will receive your ballot before the election; fill it out and send it no later than Nov. 6
    2. In person: If you are registered in Larimer County you can vote in the Lory Student Center starting Oct. 22 with early voting. Bring a form of identification like a Colorado driver’s license, identification card or passport.

Voting Statistics

Information from the Colorado Secretary of State end of month voter registration statistics
As of 10/01: 237,438 registered electors
As of 1/9: 222,687 registered


Democratic: Active– 50,189
Republican: Active–63,499
Unaffiliated: Active–67,573
Other: Active– 2,413
Inactive– 655