Making a U-Turn

The semester may be halfway over, but students heading in the wrong direction with their grades still have a chance to turn things around.

Anyone with an unsatisfactory report in a class can learn how to improve by attending TILT’s U-Turn Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 4:40 p.m.


Thanks to the Early Grade Feedback Program, some 100 level CHEM, CS, LIFE, MATH, PSY and HIST students receive a “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory” progress report.

“If students didn’t do well, they have a lot of options to improve their grades with the many faculty members available,” said Heather Landers, associate coordinator for the Institute for Learning and Teaching.

Siri Newman, the Coordinator for the Center for Advising and Student Achievement, and her team have made it their priority to bring in the most qualified staff for the event.

“We have done extensive searches across all colleges to bring to this event so students can have personalized help,” Newman said.

Once students get to TILT, they participate in academic assessment where they will answer questions to root out why they may have a “U.”

“We understand that there can be many reasons students are having difficulty so we ask if personal situations have affected them or if it’s a hard class. We use the assessment to understand why,” Landers said.

Students then meet one-on-one with a navigator to talk about the assessment and are directed to booths to talk about goals and tips on how to succeed for the rest of the semester.

“Our event is individualized for each student, so no two students will have the same experience,” Landers said.

Each booth has a different faculty member suited specifically for each student and besides the advising, students are able to make future appointments and learn about future events to finish the semester strong.

“Any student can come to U Turn, even if you are doing fine you are welcome to come. We will have food and a raffle with CSU gear and prizes so come and join us,” Landers said.


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