Fort Collins Police Arrest Armed Robbery Suspect

Fort Collins Police arrested 28-year-old Christopher Wayne Jones in connection with an armed robbery that occurred on October 24 near campus. Jones turned himself in at 8:30 a.m. this morning after being told of possible charges, including three Class 3 felonies.

Jones is charged with the assault of three people, all of whom sustained non-life threatening conditions. Police say Jones acted independently, and do not believe anyone else was involved in the robbery. Police used community tips and investigative work to catch Jones.


No other information has been given about Jones or the armed robbery, though Fort Collins police are continuing their investigation into the matter. Anyone who wants a copy of Jones booking photograph can do so by contacting the Larimer County Sheriff’s Records Unit at (970) 498-5110.

Downtown "Old Town" Fort Collins
Downtown “Old Town” Fort Collins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)