CSU students start campus fashion magazine

The stage is set and the lights are on a brand new fashion magazine called “The Fashion Report” for those who want a taste of local and international fashion news.

Fashion Group International (FGI) is behind the start of the first ever CSU fashion magazine after members saw similar magazines at other universities.


“My background with photo shoots, paired with Fashion Group International’s support, created the perfect platform to launch the magazine,” Editor-In-Chief Kiah Kristine said in an email to the Collegian.

The first issue, which is out today, will be an online-only, free publication distributed through issuu.com until the necessary funds are raised to start printing.

“We hope to distribute through FGI once we start printing and use fundraising tools such as kickstarter.com, as well as events like our clothing swap, to help with costs,” Kristine said in text message to the Collegian.

Coming out with their first issue is no easy task, but along with the officers of FGI, there are over 20 contributors as well as CSU students in Denver and abroad to help cover every angle.

“We are directed at affordable fashion that is attainable for college students. ‘The Fashion Report’ won’t just have what celebrities are wearing but will include local businesses and what CSU students can get a hold of,” said Payton Gifford, a member of the photoshoot team.

The magazine looks to have contributors from all walks of life. Most are apparel design or merchandising students, but business and journalism students will also contribute, according to Kristine. Kristine said that one of the goals of the magazine is to include students from many departments.

Design Director Verretta Andersen said the magazine allows students to get involved.

“This fashion magazine is a way for us all to get involved and gain experience while bringing students together and showing the community what we are passionate about,” Anderson said.

The first issue will have a lot on local businesses, such as modeling the clothes of GG Boutique on Laurel Street and additional stories on fashion shows that have been based in Denver and street styles around campus.

“It is an awesome mix of Colorado casual and things you don’t usually find around FoCo,” Kristine said.


Going along with the season, the first issue will include clothes with a multitude of fall colors that can be seen around Fort Collins.

Each issue will be focusing on different fashion trends and will look to highlight looks popular around Fort Collins as well as those associated with the FGI fashion shows.

The fashion show held annually in December will have an apocalypse theme this year. Entrants will create clothes from recycled material to go along with the idea of creating clothes with limited supplies. To go along with this theme, “The Fashion Report” will work with FGI to create an issue that showcases the apparel from the show.

“We want to make fashion interesting and an important part of Fort Collins through our magazine and we will do so through visually appealing issues,” Andersen said.

News Reporter Moonier Said can be reached at news@Collegian.com.