CSU receives the Overall Excellence Award

More than 90 percent of Colorado State’s first year students this fall have taken a voluntary survey that helps identify early if students are at risk of falling behind in certain areas.

CSU is being recognized for its use of this MAP-Works student retention tool that allows the university to intervene with one-on-one meetings with the students to help them succeed, according to a university news release.


This assessment provides information about a student’s homesickness, academic concerns, mental health and behavior risks that is shared with professional staff members that can refer the student to on-campus resources if they need to.

“Although we can’t definitively say that MAP-Works increases retention rates, this outreach along with many student success initiatives, may have positively impacted first year retention rates,” said Gaye DiGregorio, executive director of the Center for Advising and Student Achievement.

CSU began using the MAP-Works program since 2007. The university was selected for the award from an extensive applicant pool of applicants because of “the university’s comprehensive integration of the MAP-Works project on campus,” according to the news release.