CSU employees donate mostly to Democrats

CSU employees donated to the Democratic Party more than any other political party. In fact, CSU donates to the cause more than other Colorado universities, with more than 72 employees donating a total amount of $31,960 during the 2012 election season.

There is a diverse population of donors at CSU, with the majority of them being professors. That doesn’t stop administrators and other employees from donating to the cause, which accounts for 5.56 percent of the total donor population.


The donors don’t stem from a specific department either. In fact, 18 percent of donors come from the Microbiology department. The others are professors in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, in the president’s cabinet and on the facilities team.

The only university that comes close to CSU is the University of Denver, which has fewer employees donating, but those 43 employees have donated nearly $20,000 this year.

The University of Colorado-Boulder had a similar ratio to CSU, with the majority of employees donating to the Democratic cause in a ratio of 6 to 1. Overall, seven employees donated $2,050 this year.

Student life beat reporter Amanda Zetah can be reached at news@collegian.com.


Colorado State University
CSU Employees That Donated: 72
Candidates: Joe Miklosi (9), Elizabeth Warren (3), Democrat Party (9), Obama (42), Romney (0), Cory Gardner (1), Andrew Romanoff (1), Rick Santorum (2), Alan Grayson (1), Brandon Shaffer (1)
Who Donates? Professors (18), Admin (2), Other (2)
Which Party? Democrat (64), Republican (3), Other (5)
Total $$ donated: $31,960

University of Colorado- Boulder
CU Employees That Donated: 7
Candidates: Obama (4), Democrat Party (1), Rauniyar (1), Republican Party (1)
Which Party? Democrat (6), Republican (1)
Total $$ Donated: $2,050

University of Colorado- Colorado Springs
UCCS Employees: 1
Candidates: Democrat Party (1)
Which Party? Democrat (1)
Total $$ Donated: $200

University of Denver
DU Employees: 43
Candidates: Obama (15), Romney (1), Other (27)
Which Party? Democrat (37), Republican (5), Other (1)
Total $$ Donated: $19,122