CSU adjunct professors by the numbers

Adjunct, special and temporary teachers make up 22 percent of CSU’s faculty.

The benefit of employing adjunct faculty, according to associate provost Thomas Gorell, is their sole focus is on teaching.


“Tenure faculty has an emphasis placed on research, scholarship and artistry,” Gorell said.

Some see the position differently.

“They have no job security, lousy pay,” said Ann Magennis, an associate professor of anthropology at CSU in a previous interview with the Collegian. They are third-class citizens and that’s who is teaching a quarter of all the classes on campus.”

Requiring tenure faculty to continue research in their field divides their time. Adjunct, special and temporary Faculty can dedicate their focus to teaching because that is the only requirement of their job.

To remain a tenure-track faculty member, an employee’s full-time equivalent (FTE) must remain at 50 percent or above. If their FTE drops below 50 percent the faculty member could lose tenure lose eligibility to benefits, revert back to adjunct status and won’t be given a severance package.

NUMBERS FOR 2011-2012

Total University Employees:
State Classified Staff: 31%
Administrative Professionals: 24%
Tenure-Track Faculty: 16%
Research Associates: 14%
Special Faculty: 5%
Adjunct Faculty: 4%
Post Doctorates: 3%
Other Salaried Employees: 3%

Total faculty: 1,003
Total adjunct faculty: 225
Full time equivalent (FTE) = indicates the workload of an employed person: 101.5

Agricultural Sciences
Total faculty: 104
Adjunct faculty: 4
FTE: 2.1

Applied Human Sciences
Total faculty: 103
Adjunct faculty: 83
FTE: 27.6


Total faculty: 63
Adjunct faculty: 31
FTE: 18.3

Total faculty: 100
Adjunct faculty: 8
FTE: 2.6

Liberal Arts
Total faculty: 218
Adjunct faculty: 71

Natural Sciences
Total faculty: 172
Adjunct faculty: 18
FTE: 14.9

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Total faculty: 161
Adjunct faculty: 5
FTE: 2.0

Warner College of Natural Resources
Total faculty: 61
Adjunct faculty: 2
FTE: 0.5

Adjunct faculty jobs:
Full professors: 11
Associate professors: 2
Assistant professors: 8
Instructors: 204

Adjunct salaries are paid for by:
DCE Support: 30.6, 30%
Education and General: 52.2, 51%
General Operations: 7.9, 8%
Sponsored Programs: 6.7, 7%
Other: 4.1, 4%

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