Connecting the dots to the right major

Approximately one-third of the freshman class enters CSU undeclared and 90 percent of the students are likely to declare a major by the time they complete 45 credits, according to the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA).
As a way to aid students in their decision making process, the Career Center on campus is hosting a workshop called Connecting the Dots that will allow students the opportunity to explore what makes them tick, introducing them to 83 majors in 25 areas of study.
It takes place on Oct. 2-3 for 90 minutes at a time.
The new workshop that allows students to explore their interests, personalities and hobbies and later use the results to find a major to pursue. Previous workshops that have been available for students haven’t focused solely on connecting a student’s direct interests with majors of the best fit, according to Kara Johnson, coordinator of the workshop.
“We have done similar workshops like this in the past, but this is going to be the first time that this exact workshop is taking place. This year, we are re-branding the event so that students understand exactly what the workshop has to offer,” Johnson said.“This is the first step in exploring one’s self, and then the next step is exploring majors.”
There are a variety of workshops and advising opportunities offered to students through the career center on campus.
“It’s really about you and knowing yourself and what is going to be a good fit,” Johnson said.
There are scheduled to be more workshops in the near future for students to take what they learned at the Connecting the Dots workshop and apply it to finding a major that works best for them.
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