$61.2 million student fees pay for construction

CSU students pay $15 dollars per-credit hour in facility fees. This money funds on-campus construction projects determined by the University Facility Fee Advisory Board (UFFAB).

The UFFAB board meets every other week to review proposals for new projects. By the end of each semester they reach a decision about which proposals to fund.


“The board really works to ensure the funds from the facilities fee support as large a population of the student body as possible,” said Lindsay Brown, student administrative assistant in design and construction and staff support to the UFFAB board.

Projects proposed this fall include an Anatomy Building renovation, expected to cost $5,499,910 and Microbiology Room B120 remodel, which is projected to be $184,572.

UFFAB’s advisory board includes students, faculty and staff. Currently, there are 17 members, nine of which are students. The board would ideally have a student representative from each of the colleges on campus, including a representative from the Undeclared Leadership Council and ASCSU.

UFFAB’s bylaws dictate projects are evaluated by how the project directly benefits CSU students, the degree to which the plan enhances the academic and research environment, aesthetics of the architecture and how easily that architecture would be sustained, maintenance costs and availability of funds and justification of the project.

According to Steve Hultin, director of facilities management and UFFAB faculty advisor, the most important areas of focus are “the degree the project directly affects the students and enhances academics.”

UFFAB funded projects include the Animal Sciences Building, Visual Arts Building, Eddy Hall, Forestry and the Early Childhood Center. The total amount of these projects equal $14.4 million.

UFFAB also contributes funding to larger projects like the Engineering Building, a project that costs $65 million total and is partially funded with $30 million of UFFAB funds. The Morgan Library renovation, café and cube addition was also partially paid for by UFFAB. The entire project cost $17 million, $16.8 of which was paid with UFFAB funds.

According to Mike Davis, other projects underway include a renovation on the Engineering Research Center, occupational therapy and classrooms in Aylesworth and Shepardson.

Senior Reporter Kate Simmons can be reached at news@collegian.com.