What is RamRide Return?

RamRide Return is a service provided in conjuncture with RamRide to drive students back to their cars the morning after being driven home by RamRide

The program is a fee-funded service that is free to all students


It operates on Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 11 a.m.

HED: RamRide Return to host week of events to boost numbers
DEK: Consistently low numbers attributed to lack of student awareness

By Carrie Mobley
The Rocky Mountain Collegian

In order to combat a lack of students utilizing RamRide Return, the Associated Students of CSU is hosting an entire week of events dedicated to student outreach.

The program — which drives students back to their cars on Fridays and Saturdays and is in its second year of operation —  has seen consistently low numbers every weekend. In the last two weekends, RamRide Return serviced 18 students. RamRide was used by 515 students.

Starting Sept. 23, the week of events is intended to educate students on the benefits of using RamRide Return, according to RamRide Director Becky Ewing.

“We really want this week to be about marketing the program and letting students know about the resources that are provided to them,” said Beau Loendorf, deputy director of RamRide Return. “We mainly want to focus on the education component this week.”

Why would so many students take RamRide to get home on a Friday or Saturday and then not take RamRide Return to get back their cars the next day?

“I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what RamRide Return is. We have some students thinking that it costs money and not wanting to take it because of that,” Loendorf said. “In reality, its just like RamRide, but during the day. Its free for everyone.”

Some students, however, consider it a matter of convenience to not use the program.


“I’ve never used RamRide Return,” said Audrey Heintz, a biomedical sciences student. “That’s mainly because it’s just easier to have a designated driver out of your group of friends to drive you there and then drive back instead of going through all that.”

The first day of the week will be spent targeting Greek Life organizations in order to educate their members about the service. The second day will be dedicated to teaching the SLiCE office and various other student organizations about the service.

The next step, Loendorf said, is to target the residence halls.

“If we get the freshman involved with using and knowing about the program now, they will use it for the rest of their college career,” he said.

Other events for the week will include a booth on the Lory Student Center Plaza, in which the department will survey students and get feedback on the program, and visit classrooms to talk to students before their classes begin. A RamRide Return flier will also be given to every person who takes RamRide home this weekend.

“This program was a great idea in order to help students get back to their cars,” Loendorf said. “Its downfall is that no one knows about it.”

ASCSU Beat Reporter Carrie Mobley can be reached at news@collegian.com.